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Misson Statement

Our mission is to protect fish, wildlife, and wetland resources for future generations by working collaboratively with public and private partners to restore and enhance riparian and wetland habitats in the Pacific Coast region.

 Our Story 

A message from our Founder, Mitch Farro:

"I've been fascinated by natural places for as far back as I can remember. Whether it was the river and its salmon, or marshes and their waterfowl, those were the places I just had to explore with that first bit of liberty that came with a bike and being a kid in the 60's. Smitten by the beauty and freedom of the ocean as a teen, I started fishing for salmon in the ocean on a small commercial boat with a friend and his father. I felt lucky that I was able to earn my living at 24 by running fishing boats along the rugged coastline of Northern California.

With those experiences came the obvious realization that wetlands were disappearing and the river's abundance of salmon was dwindling in my lifetime. My hope was to be able to give something back, and that sustained me not just economically but also spiritually. It has become a multi-decade journey to be effective at healing the landscape and habitats for fish and wildlife. That is in essence what our organization is all about: doing the "hands on...on the ground" work it takes if we are going to have that wild abundance in our future."

Who We Are

We are a small team of dedicated professionals skilled in managing and supporting complex habitat restoration projects. Our staff has expertise in riparian and estuarine ecology, fisheries, plant ecology, wetland delineation, and GIS. 

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What We Do

We perform tasks that facilitate and support all stages of habitat restoration from planning at a watershed or regional level; identification of high priority sites; restoration design; funding acquisition; permitting; coordination of multiple public and private partners; project implementation; and monitoring. 

Our Partners

Our projects would not be possible without the efforts of numerous partners, including federal, state, and local agencies; private landowners; civic and public interest groups; educational institutions; engineering, geological, and fisheries consultants; and heavy equipment and labor contractors. We are grateful for the support and hard work of all our partners!


How We Are Funded

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We perform all services at cost, with 100% of funds directed towards resource protection and habitat restoration. Projects are funded by grants from public agencies or private funders. Some of our operational expenses are covered by project grants, but grant funding alone is not enough. We rely on the generous contributions of people like you to keep our organization going. Thank you!

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